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Early birds, like me, waiting for the arrival.Looking out over the hazy Queen Mary.Where is it Mom?  Can I see it yet?Do you see anything yet?I am glad everyone wants to get in on the action, even with a little camera.Ready and waiting for the arrival.Rushing out to get into position for a glimpse.Flag flying high.People were out on rooftops.On the roof, under a clear sky, waiting for Endeavor to arrive.Westin Hotel rooftop with employees or rule breakers.Shoreline village was packed with people everywhere.On the roof, and on any platform that could hold people.Endeavor comes to us from over the water, with haze cutting everyone's view.Flying over the Carnival Cruise Line ship heading toward the Queen Mary.Very high over the Queen Mary made for a tight shot to keep things in frame.Endeavor and its companion.There she goes on her way to LAX.The crowd watched her go.