I am Lisa. I am a photographer, pet lover, and aerospace engineer and teacher by trade. I have owned or been owned by animals since I was younger, growing up with cats and the occasional bunny, then owning a horse in high school, and now dogs and the occasional cat. I currently own and train two dogs in nosework, agility, and obedience.

I am available for event photography, portrait sessions with pets and their people, when I am not out photographing my own pets or competing in agility, nosework, or obedience. Or teaching and consulting for space systems and satellites.

Please contact me via e-mail or phone to schedule a session for you and your pets. I come to your house, or special location, to take natural light photograhs of your pets, starting with a warm-up period to get to know each other, and then play, rest, play, treat, all to capture the moments. No stress. All fun. And treats...lots of treats.

K9 NoseWork competitors please note you may order via the website or you can contact me directly. You can order printes via the site directly and h or contact me via e-mail to order. Prints and digital files can be ordered. I also have a way for you to order 2 web-sized images for free. I appreciate the opportunity to cover the trials and provide you memories of the events. I also compete with my 3-year-old Doberman.